Who is the BEEF?

Band Member Role Likes Dislikes Biggest Beef Kink Dom/Sub
"the Dom Mom" baelingual, freak shrieks, wheezing boobs, kimchi, cotton eye joe dudebros, fuccboiz, slow walkers, clowns Wack MCs SATAN, spanking, sausage, straps Mom Dom
"the Distant Dad" volume curation,
a e s t h e t i c ぎゅうに
"that's the ticket," socks and sandals, Bop-it, alien religions nonfiction, involuntary gastrointestinal noise Febian Perez Freudian defense mechanisms D.O.E.
"the Troubled Youth" diversity inclusion, SKRRTS/BRRAPS, line-crossing short shorts, sugar daddies?, black history month, silicone lube, whiskey sours Juanita's tortilla chips, sleeping in silence, tequila, whirlpools DJ Khaled leashes/collars, sriracha gimp
"the BB" naps, hats, little spoon warm water, juanita's tortilla chips, potlucks, money, bachata the state of this economy, am i righ? Ajit Pai TBA 12/20/2012 Dom


Internet Beef is an Alt-Punk//Indie-Thrash//Spazz Pop band from Portland, Oregon! They are currently in the studio recording their first EP, (tour following!!) and will be label shopping shortly thereafter :0

Internet Beef has been told they sound fast and loud and have lots of energy. One guy said they sound like Queens of the Stone Age but better. They've been likened to acts like: Metallica, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Thee Oh Sees, System of A Down, White Reaper, and Maximum the Hormone.

They are known for their ridiculous promo videos, colorful sexy costumes, high energy, spazzy performances, lyrics that often switch between languages, absurd social media presence, and their new Youtube series: 2bands1tub, in which they interview other bands in the tub.